all fish go to heaven

by elton john cena

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everyone always thinks about the dogs


released July 11, 2016

Recorded by Nick Diener at Oneder Studios in Saginaw, MI
All music written and recorded by Avery Springer with the lovely Josh Robinson featured on violin.



all rights reserved


elton john cena Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: blink once if you want me to pull the plug
i cant complain about the way that i was brought up, or the skin that stretches tight around my cheeks, or the way i get when you say that youre leaving me // i learn to accept the bullet in my brain, and i swallow pride and put the blame all on me, and my punctured lungs have ceased to allow me to breathe // and ill write your name down, maybe we'll catch up down the road when we run into each other at the grocery store // a fake hello, and a forced grin will tell me everything i need to know about how youve been // these hunger pains come from anything but hunger, won't tell you that its been like this for weeks, i swallowed whole the pill that you threw at me // i wouldnt call it lies because it wont hurt anything, because it wont hurt anything, itll hurt absolutely nothing but me, other than me
Track Name: pontiac
its the top of the hour, breath of a dragon, hands cold they begin to shake // ive got no seat for the approaching attraction of escaping hermetic life of sadistic action // i dont even know my name, im not the person i was back then // i don't even know my name, i tried so hard but i failed again // little reminders hidden in cobwebs that get tangled by my feet // intricate patters swept up in the madness that trumps ideology // theres no where for me to go right now, no escaping the hand that feeds // viciously tearing at the seams will do no good for me